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My littlest fluffy butt has been the saddest little butt because of the most evil diaper rash I have ever encountered.  I hate seeing my little man so sad, he is normally so happy and smiley, even diaper change time was an enjoyable time for Dominic.  The last week has been different, I felt horrible just for wiping his bottom,  I tried everything I could think of, yet the rash persisted.

I tried just airing him out in just a cotton prefold.
I stopped using the diapers with exposed PUL or elastic on his skin.
I put him in disposables and tried an array of diaper rash creams & A&D ointment.
I tried using commercial wipes.
I tried flannel wipes.
I tried changing wipe solution.
I tried using just water on the wipes.
I tried just leaving him naked.

All that and the rash was spreading. I started him on Nystatin cream and treated it like a yeast infection, only to see it get worse.  My poor little baby was screaming through diaper changes, his little tush bordering on bleeding.  I was changing him hourly just to make sure he stayed dry.  Still the rash was winning.

Out of desperation I added a sample of CJ's BUTTer to my fluff order. It came in yesterday so before bed I slathered his bum in it and wrapped him up in a bamoo minky cloth diaper (the softest cushiest goodness I could find for his booty) I unsnapped him this morning to find a smooth baby bottom with no evidence of the horrible rash he was suffering from the day before.  It was that easy, so quick.  I swear CJ's BUTTer is a magical potion, it smells heavenly, it goes on so smooth, it's safe for cloth diapers and it cleared up the worst rash I have ever seen... overnight! 

I am so amazed that such a short little, completely pronounceable ingredient list can result in such an amazing product.  Now my little guy is happy, Mommy is happy and the changing table smiles are back. I wish I knew about this stuff sooner.

Thank you CJ's, You are our HERO!
Happy Bottom = Happy Baby


Mommy & Me Monday -2-

C is for CAR!

This week my boys and I are working on letter sounds, we practice the sounds then go for a hunt for anything they can find that starts with that sound, Jacob just likes to bring me every stuffed animal he can find, which worked well for D because he has plenty of Dolphins and Dogs.  Christopher just likes helping me draw pictures of all the treasures they find, of course his way of helping is by telling me to add more detail.

"Draw Car on a road, Mommy, a black road, Mommy, make car blue, no Mommy, draw this car..."

I love his input and creativity, but my artistic skills are pretty limited.
Here is a MSPaint example of my best work...


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Adventures in... Playing Dead

He isn't sleeping, he is playing dead. It's his new trick. I asked him to pick up his toys and he collapsed on the floor. Apparently he believes if Mommy thinks he is dead he doesn't have to pick up his toys.  He was completely unresponsive until I bought in the vacuum and threatened to just suck up all the toys on the floor.  That sent him into a cleaning frenzy.  

Fear is an excellent motivator for toddlers.


Adventures in... Breastfeeding

At last count I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding since 2007. True Story. I have heard all the comments, friends, families, doctors... they all have an opinion of how to provide for the little ones.

I have been discouraged:

"All my children were raised on formula and they turned out healthy."
"All my children were raised on skim milk and they all turned out fine."
"Give him some formula before bed so you can sleep."
"Would you like to try some formula samples, in case you need a night off." -pediatrician

I have been forced:

"We don't recommend solid food for children who are successfully breastfeeding until after 6 months" -pediatrician
"You need to pump to increase your supply because we can't afford to not have you breastfeeding"

I have been told I am doing it wrong:

"Feeding him that often is spoiling him"
"You should stop him more often to burp him or he will get oddjida (whatever that is)"
"You shouldn't breastfeed in front of your other children, you don't want them to see your boobs"

And I have been sent to my room.

Apparently it is inappropriate for me to feed my baby where guests may see, oh the shame. Honestly I don't care if someone may see, but everyone always seems so uncomfortable around me, I end up wearing a hooter hider in my own home. I wish I had some support, someone to tell me I am doing it right. Someone to just sit and chat with me while I am feeding the little one without feeling like they need to leave the room. I am sad that I live in a society where we have a complete lack of modesty but feeding my baby is something I need to hide. Muslim women are very modest and won't think twice about feeding their baby in public when the baby is hungry. I am tired of the go home to feed your baby mentality that I am surrounded by. Maybe less women are successful at breastfeeding because all the experts are say you HAVE TO DO IT but all our families and friends are adding ALONE IN YOUR ROOM.

We don't want to be alone our rooms anymore.

Please, friends, family, take the Support with Integrity pledge. Support breastfeeding Moms without discouraging or demanding. Moms and babies are all different, support them in their decisions and help them when they need help.

Support with Integrity

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Wordless Wednesday - Silly Attire *linky*

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The Outnumbered Mommy


Finding Nemo 3D!

I am pretty sure I am more excited about this than my kids are...

FINDING NEMO returns to theatres for the first time in 3D September 14th, 2012!

For more updates on “Finding Nemo 3D”, be sure to like their Facebook page.


Mommy & Me Monday

Happy Moomy Mommy & Me Monday.
This is me, with my two little ones, Dominic & Jacob.  These two are already on their way to being best friends.  Jacob loves talking to his "Dombinmic" and Dominic loves to listen.  He always smiles at Jacob, especially when he is supposed to be eating. When I ask Jacob to get a blanket for Dominic he runs to get one, when I ask him to be quiet so Dominic can nap he runs around "SHHHHHHHH! SHHHHH!" It doesn't help but he means well.  He is such a good big brother.

-The Outnumbered Mommy

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Adventures in... being sick.

Another cold has taken over our home, again.  There has been much coughing, sneezing, boogers and crying (mostly by me).  The hard part is convincing the older kids to not eat boogers and getting the mucus out of the little one. We did everything we could to keep healthy, but it seems every time we get a drop in temperature we end up with one sick kid.

The kids are taking it well, extra cuddles, extra naps and vapor baths.

They don't look very sick do they?

We have been watching a Curious George marathon and relaxing.  When I was little we would eat pastina and broth, but these two will have nothing to do with that. What do you do when a cold hits?  Do you have any special cold busting tricks?


Cloth. Potty Learning Edition.

Lets say you have one of these...

(Who may or may not be covered in marker)
You would like him to do this...
So you put him in these:
but then you end up with this:
So you give him these:

Which cost $0.30 each.
What do you end up with? 
A toddler who thinks he can just pee because he is in a diaper, so he does.
Then he is surprised by the discomfort the 'feel wet strip' causes.
Now he NEEDS to be changed NOW!
Which makes it so we are going through twice as many easy-ups then we were diapers.
You just end up with a disappointed little boy
who feels like he is still in diapers, like a baby.
We find ourselves using 10 easy-ups a day and 2 pampers overnight.
For a total of $3.60 per day.
And we are making no progress on the potty.
[insert sad Mommy image here]

Lets try another way.
Not waterproof so there is still a potential of a mess.
Once the absorbancy of the liner, undies and pants combine, it is fairly minimized.
You could always add a waterproof cover.
That is better.
Now Jacob feels like a big boy and Mommy isn't chasing him with a towel.
He tinkles a little, knows he is wet, so he runs to the potty and finishes there.
Lets say he continues to do 10 changes like he did with the easy-ups
(which isn't the case because a small tinkle gets wicked away from the skin and absorbed in the liner)
But lets just assume 10.
10 liners.
Cost approximately $20 on etsy.
less for micro-fleece, more for hemp or bamboo
And the cover? $8 on etsy.
What about those two night time pampers?
Solution: one cloth diaper.
Stuffed with some liners
I chose a pocket so it can dry in one day to be used that night.
One Thirsties Pocket diaper, used off diaperswappers $7 shipped.
(New $17)

For the cost of ONE WEEK worth of easy ups and pampers
I have enough cloth to last one day worth of coverage on my 2 year old.
I never have to buy diapers or training pants again.

What about laundry? Yes, I have to do a load of laundry everyday.
I have to do at least one load a day anyway to prevent this:
  The additional daily cloth for one child will take up about the same space as one pair of adult jeans.
So I washed my way through 2 weeks of 10 liners and 1 pocket diaper.
Lots of wash. Lots of potty progress.
More than enough money saved to purchase a couple more liners and another pocket diaper.
Am I saving money. Yes.
Especially when I have one of these:
Who will happily poop in his brothers hand-me-downs.

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true story.

Simple solution

Use those pants hangers to keep hats & gloves with the coats



I tried to teach them how to use tissues, but there he is *licking* boogers off his upper lip. So I have to ask:

Mommy: Does that taste good?
Boogery kid: No, it gross.
Mommy: Then why don't you use your tissue?
Boogery kid: Too busy, tissue later.
Mommy: Eating boogies is going to give you a belly ache.
Boogery kid: Belly ache? Then I get more cereals?

That is right, Chris looks forward to getting sick so he can eat more cereal, as if he didn't eat enough already.  He even pretends to cough and asks for hot tea.  I try to tell him he doesn't need to be sick and if he wants hot tea and cereal he just has to ask. Maybe one day he will just ask for tea and cereal, but right now I think he is also after the attention. This morning he refused to walk down the stairs and insisted I carry him, because his belly hurt, which resulted in me falling down the last three stairs, he is fine but I may have broken a toe (x-rays tomorrow).

Fancy new fashion accessory?

I think I may be due for a day out with Chris, I always take either Jacob or Dominic out with me because Daddy prefers not having both of the younger ones.  Maybe a trip to the library and the bagel shop is in-order, books and bagels are his favorites.

But all that depends on if my toe is really broken.  It sure feels like it is.


Wordless Wednesday

Toddler noms: French Toast & Yogurt

At our house breakfast is kind of a big deal.  I like to start the kids off with a nice hearty meal that will keep them full and happy until lunch.  They definitely focus more on our activities when their bellies are stuffed with good food.  There are tricks to getting toddlers to eat good meals, make it easy to eat, make it visually appealing, provide a dip, even though it is messy.

Today we had French toast and yogurt. (finger food with dip!)

Our french toast starts with three yummy eggs right out of our chicken coop.  Then I add a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, a healthy splash of orange juice (or just squeeze an orange right in there) and a little bit of cinnamon.  Give the mix a good whisking until the ingredients are well combined.  Take your bread (there will be enough egg mixture for 4 slices) and soak it for a couple seconds on each side, then place on a lightly buttered griddle.  Cook on medium heat until golden brown and cooked through.

Take each slice and cut into strips and arrange on a plate with a cup of yogurt to dip in.  (We used Stonyfield Organic Banilla yogurt, the kids favorite) Serve. Now watch the wholesome goodness disappear.

You may notice the cloth napkins in action here, that was one of our green changes this month, no more paper napkins!  I picked them up cheap after Christmas, they wash nice and clean up sticky fingers without getting paper bits stuck to little fingers. We just keep them rolled up in the napkin holder. Simple step to being a little greener in the Outnumbered household.


Going Cruchy

There are so many things I didn't even think about before kids.  I didn't know what was in my food or what I was washing with or slathering under my pits because it didn't matter. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I noticed some white residue in little Dominic's hair that I realized how much time he spends in contact with my arm pits.  I am worried about the soaps I use on the kids, the detergents I wash their stuff in, the cleaners I expose them to... and now that my clinical strength antiperspirant is on my newborns head I started wondering what was in it.  So off to Google I went. I found some of the ingredients in my antiperspirant were linked to breast cancer.  So I started wondering, we do so much skin to skin time, what is on my skin?

Back to Google.

I found that my everyday soaps, shampoos and cleaners might be to blame for my dry cracked skin and Dominic's recurring rash.

So I quit. Cold turkey, one week with no soaps, shampoos, deodorant, lotions, lip balms. It's not like I get out of the house much anyway.  I still took a shower every other day, just with a wash cloth and hot water.  I immediately noticed Dominic's skin clearing up.  My husband on the fifth day informed me that I looked beautiful and healthy (he didn't even know about my little experiment).  I felt great, my face was less dry and almost glowed, no dry cracked skin, no itchy scalp, not one ingrown hair in my pits, and the blocked duct in my under arm area cleared up on it's own. I did notice some pit stank, which I would need a solution for when I go out, we don't want to offend the masses.

There are plenty of natural homemade deodorant recipes out there like this one.  I am busy lazy so I went over to the deodorant aisle on my shopping trip and poured over every container, looking for a deodorant without antiperspirants, aluminum, and all that other junk. The only solution, Toms Of Maine. It's an unscented natural deodorant with no antiperspirants, just what I wanted.  I want to keep sweating, I just don't want to smell bad. I am sure I will eventually make my own, Toms cost less than the evil stuff I was using and cheaper than going out and picking up what I need to make my own.

Deodorant acquired, now I feel all sorts of green and thrifty but still a little crunchier than I prefer, so now I needed soap.

I really miss lathering up and smelling like flowers when I get out of the shower and shaving dry wasn't really working.  I needed a natural soap that smelled good and lathered nice but doesn't dry out my skin.  So off to etsy I went, if I am only soaping up twice a week instead of everyday I might as well snag a nice handmade soap. I am sure long term it will cost less than my body wash because bars last longer and I am washing less often. I found Tiki Bar Soap, they were running a 'Try our soaps for free' special so I tried and I couldn't be happier. I was so happy with my soap I made my own little mesh soap keeper so it can stay dry between uses.

The other thing missing from my routine, shampoo.  I researched how to go "No Poo" and determined through the trails of Jenny at Conscientious Confusion that the traditional no poo methods don't work well with color treated hair. I am not willing to give up my pretty shade of ginger, so I need to try something else. I already swapped my conditioner for an apple cider vinegar rinse, but I want to continue washing my hair once a week with shampoo.  Next time I order from TikiBar I will try their shampoo bar, I already know I love their soap, their philosophy and their ingredients, so I'd love to try their other products.

Next I get to experiment with solutions to the green washed soaps my boys use. That will be fun!  What do you use on your little one?  Have you ever wondered what was in it?


Adventures in... the kitchen

My boys love to cook (something I am sure they will outgrow), they always want to get in the kitchen and get involved... things get messy but I don't want to discourage them, I married a man who had no clue how to cook, couldn't do laundry and had a streak of breaking vacuums.  I may have boys but I am going to teach them how to cook, do laundry and clean.  It's probably a futile effort but I feel better knowing I tried.

Things to expect when you let toddlers help in the kitchen... Flour everywhere. Fingerprints on every stainless steel appliance. Egg shells in the batter. Egg on the counter... Egg on the floor.  Raw egg getting licked off the counter. A little bit extra cinnamon, on the dog. Where is Jacob? Hiding under the table with a raw cookie. The entire container of sprinkles on one cookie.... but trust me, it is fun cooking with toddlers you just have to be prepared.

Start by making sure you picked out a recipe that is safe, avoid raw meats, sharp stuff and hot stuff, use common sense (if you don't have any available common sense I recommend going back to the playroom and building a mega-block tower).  Make sure you have one adult per little set of hands. 

Now the fun part. Prep. Give the kids something to occupy them, and go pull out all your ingredients and measure them into separate little containers, have all your tools ready and clear all the dangerous stuff off the counter top.  Get your kids (and yourself) in clothes that can get dirty. Put a stack of hand towels in the kitchen (you will need them and won't want to leave the room to get them.

Now go get the kids. If you have an apron & chef hat get that too. Now start mixing things up.  Count scoops and pronounce the ingredients (mostly because it's fun listening to a toddler trying to say cinnamon or parmesan)  Be prepared for some messes, and some taste testing. Give names to the flavors and textures, sugar is sweet and rough, like sand. Butter is creamy, flour is fluffy, pumpkin is gooey.  Let them explore without being too concerned about the end result, we are learning here, not worrying about being Chopped.

Looks like fun? It is. Just be prepared for the outtakes. 

Need a recipe that is fun and has edible raw batter, try snowball cookies,  the kids can mix the dough with their hands and roll it too.