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My littlest fluffy butt has been the saddest little butt because of the most evil diaper rash I have ever encountered.  I hate seeing my little man so sad, he is normally so happy and smiley, even diaper change time was an enjoyable time for Dominic.  The last week has been different, I felt horrible just for wiping his bottom,  I tried everything I could think of, yet the rash persisted.

I tried just airing him out in just a cotton prefold.
I stopped using the diapers with exposed PUL or elastic on his skin.
I put him in disposables and tried an array of diaper rash creams & A&D ointment.
I tried using commercial wipes.
I tried flannel wipes.
I tried changing wipe solution.
I tried using just water on the wipes.
I tried just leaving him naked.

All that and the rash was spreading. I started him on Nystatin cream and treated it like a yeast infection, only to see it get worse.  My poor little baby was screaming through diaper changes, his little tush bordering on bleeding.  I was changing him hourly just to make sure he stayed dry.  Still the rash was winning.

Out of desperation I added a sample of CJ's BUTTer to my fluff order. It came in yesterday so before bed I slathered his bum in it and wrapped him up in a bamoo minky cloth diaper (the softest cushiest goodness I could find for his booty) I unsnapped him this morning to find a smooth baby bottom with no evidence of the horrible rash he was suffering from the day before.  It was that easy, so quick.  I swear CJ's BUTTer is a magical potion, it smells heavenly, it goes on so smooth, it's safe for cloth diapers and it cleared up the worst rash I have ever seen... overnight! 

I am so amazed that such a short little, completely pronounceable ingredient list can result in such an amazing product.  Now my little guy is happy, Mommy is happy and the changing table smiles are back. I wish I knew about this stuff sooner.

Thank you CJ's, You are our HERO!
Happy Bottom = Happy Baby

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  1. He is SUPER CUTE!!! I'm happy to hear his bum is all better! I'm linking your blog into my follow-up potty training post today! It'll be posted by Noon EST if my 2 monkeys leave me alone for 5 (or 20) minutes! :)