Adventures in... bellytime

Start with a two month old and a boppy, you get a lot of cute.  He looks around, moves his hands, he tries to scoot forward a little then lets out a fart, which apparently made him happy so a little smile appears. You sit back and ponder how cute baby farts are and then wonder if you need to change his diaper.  Then you wonder why you put him in a sleeper because you really wish you could see that cute little fluffy bum.  If you have one of those babies who loves belly time it's a couple minutes of Mommy bliss to see the little one just exploring what he can do and see from this new perspective.

Bellytime is happy time.  You can almost feel the excitement as he discovers how much he can do!

If you only have one little guy you can sip your coffee and bask in it. If you have toddlers to go with your little guy, it becomes a game, a horrible game.  Sometimes you just sit back and take pictures.

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