Adventures in... Breastfeeding

At last count I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding since 2007. True Story. I have heard all the comments, friends, families, doctors... they all have an opinion of how to provide for the little ones.

I have been discouraged:

"All my children were raised on formula and they turned out healthy."
"All my children were raised on skim milk and they all turned out fine."
"Give him some formula before bed so you can sleep."
"Would you like to try some formula samples, in case you need a night off." -pediatrician

I have been forced:

"We don't recommend solid food for children who are successfully breastfeeding until after 6 months" -pediatrician
"You need to pump to increase your supply because we can't afford to not have you breastfeeding"

I have been told I am doing it wrong:

"Feeding him that often is spoiling him"
"You should stop him more often to burp him or he will get oddjida (whatever that is)"
"You shouldn't breastfeed in front of your other children, you don't want them to see your boobs"

And I have been sent to my room.

Apparently it is inappropriate for me to feed my baby where guests may see, oh the shame. Honestly I don't care if someone may see, but everyone always seems so uncomfortable around me, I end up wearing a hooter hider in my own home. I wish I had some support, someone to tell me I am doing it right. Someone to just sit and chat with me while I am feeding the little one without feeling like they need to leave the room. I am sad that I live in a society where we have a complete lack of modesty but feeding my baby is something I need to hide. Muslim women are very modest and won't think twice about feeding their baby in public when the baby is hungry. I am tired of the go home to feed your baby mentality that I am surrounded by. Maybe less women are successful at breastfeeding because all the experts are say you HAVE TO DO IT but all our families and friends are adding ALONE IN YOUR ROOM.

We don't want to be alone our rooms anymore.

Please, friends, family, take the Support with Integrity pledge. Support breastfeeding Moms without discouraging or demanding. Moms and babies are all different, support them in their decisions and help them when they need help.

Support with Integrity

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  1. Great post! I too feel that the "Breast is Best" is often followed by a big "but......." and it shouldn't be that way. If they want it to be the norm, there need to be people sticking up for our rights to do it whenever and wherever we need to and for however long we want.

  2. people always seem more willing to give their opinion than just plan support. thanks for signing the pledge and linking up with this week's hop!

  3. Great post! I signed the pledge, too!