Adventures in... cloth.

Look at those bottoms. Want to know what I see?  Money.  My husband still sees a mess.  I see cloth diapers as an investment.  My husband still refers to disposables as 'Real diapers' and cloth diapers as 'hippy pants'.  He agreed to using the boys Christmas money to start a cloth diaper stash, only after I showed him some math.  We were spending $40 per month on diapers and wipes BEFORE our newest addition arrived, a newborn could have easily doubled that number.  Dominic arrived in November and our family gave us lots of disposable diapers, but one wonderful cousin gave us some gDiapers. We easily had two months worth of disposables, but because I have been using the gDiapers on him during the day we still have unopened boxes stacked in the closet.  I have already noticed a difference at the store.  I don't have to make a separate trip to BJ's for diapers and wipes.  It's also easy (surprise!).

Our diaper routine is smooth. The diapers for Jacob (2years) are all stacked in the bathroom, so if he has an accident we go to the bathroom, the liner goes in the sink for a rinse, and the gPants get re-stuffed with a new liner while he goes potty on his big boy potty.  He is much more aware of being wet in the cloth diapers and more likely to tell me when he has to go, he is doing great potty training and stays dry most of the time.  Dominic (2mo) has a changing station set up with his diapers and a box of cloth wipes in the living room.  Once he is all changed his soiled liners go into the bathroom to be rinsed.  I keep a laundry basket in the shower to collect the dirty diapers, wipes, underwear and clothing (Chris still has accidents).  I end up doing a load a day with diapers, which keeps me motivated to do laundry (one of those things I always put off).

I am using gDiapers primarily, I have four medium and two small gPants and six of each size liners, I also have six custom covers and nine liners I picked up on etsy (see my review here) I can't go a day without doing laundry because Dominic it a peeing machine! We still put Chris and Jacob in disposables at night because I just don't see gDiapers being able to handle the night time volume of the big boys.  The next step is picking out a good overnight diapers for Jacob and Chris so we can eliminate that disposable diaper too. 

Wouldn't it be nice to never buy diapers again?
Yes, Yes it would, I could spend that money on more awesome things, like coffee, chocolate and sparkly things.

Ready to go cloth with me?  Make cloth wipes for free with stuff you have at home... follow my cloth baby wipe tutorial over on instructables.


  1. They sure look cute in their little matching gpants! Off to check out your cloth wipe tutorial.

  2. My cousin got those for us, they are wonderful! Beats the he!l out of prefolds & vinyl pants any day! When all the gCloth are dirty we tuck prefolds in the pouch, they are a nifty little diaper. I've been thinking of snagging a few more off diaper swappers, but I keep having to remind myself I need some good over night fluff first.