Adventures in... railroads

When Daddy & I told everyone what the boys wanted for Christmas we said "Wooden train sets!" we had this ideal scenario in our head of happy boys pushing trains around pretty tracks, with little towns and happily chanting "choo-choo!" as their trains approached a crossing.  Miles of fun train tracks would create hours of blissful toddler playtime.

The boxes were wrapped and placed under the tree with a happy little note "From Santa" this was going to be the perfect Christmas!

Then the reality hit us like a 44 gallon bin full of wooden weapons.  What were we thinking?

We actually had to venture out to Lowes the day after Christmas to acquire a tote to contain it.

After bedtime we spent hours setting up the ideal track using every piece, only to watch two bundles of destruction tear it apart in under 10 minutes.  It probably could have been destroyed quicker if Daddy & I weren't there trying futilely to defend our work. The tracks quickly became swords, the engines became projectiles, the bridges were shields, the reality was complete chaos of our own creation.  Maybe when they are older it will be less chaotic, fingers crossed.

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