Adventures in... spelling (learning how to spell our names)

What do toddlers like?
jumping, yelling, playing games... what does this have to do with learning? Everything.

Boys like to learn by exploring and playing.  It's hard to get them sit and focus on anything, we came up with a little game.  First I had each boy pick out the color they wanted, then I collected enough construction paper to write each of their names, one letter per sheet. I was planning on having each kid color in their letters, but I just wasn't in the mood for the wars that can spawn over something as innocent as who gets the purple crayon first.

Next step, line up the letters on the floor, trying your best to keep them from rearranging them.  then have each kid stand at the end of their name. Now the fun part.  Have them YELL the letter in front of them, if it's right they get to jump onto it.

Chris had a ton of fun doing it, he already asked me if we could play the letter game this morning, I told he as soon as he cleans up his toys, which is what he is working on now.  Jacob was saying the letters and throwing them around, I tried to get some pictures of him participating but he was just a blur of activity...

What games have you come up with to get your kids moving ad learning?

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