Baby Oz Clothing - Review

After much browsing and searching on Etsy for some nice affordable covers for daytime use I found their lovely little shop. The owners are Dan and Ronda Osuldsen, they started with making diapers and toys for their Grandson, and now offer their creations on Etsy.  After much drooling over their adorable wood toys, I took the plunge and ordered six diaper covers with fleece liners and three of their hemp liners.

I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FANTASTIC!  All of my conversations on Etsy were replied to quickly.  Ronda worked with me to set up a the perfect custom order.  I originally only planned on getting five covers for Dominic in the medium size after some thought I added one large size cover for Jacob, even though he really didn't need one.  I told her what Jacob likes and she picked out fabric and made him his own special cover (the same day).  I am so happy I did because that one cover has been the biggest motivation to potty training I have found.  Jacob is so happy to put on his car cover in the morning he does his best to keep it dry all day so he doesn't have to put on his gPants.

 The covers consist of one inner layer of 2mil PUL and a designer fabric outside.  The patterns available in her shop are adorable and when most shops focus on girl patterns, Baby Oz has a fun assortment of boy themed patterns.  The owl pattern is my favorite.  The hook and loop closures are soft and flexible for comfort, but strong enough to keep Jacob from stripping. There is a convenient extra loop square to fold over the tabs for washing. The fleece liners are nice and narrow and not at all bulky, so Dominic can wear sleepers with no compression leaks to worry about.  Dominic usually goes through ten diaper changes a day, and the covers normally make it through 4 diaper changes before needing to be washed, I just wipe the PUL interior clean and put in a new liner. The hemp liners have great absorbancy alone and when paired with the fleece liner they make a perfect overnight combination.  The washing couldn't be easier, I rinse the liners out in the potty/sink then tossed in with the kids laundry, sometimes they get hung to dry, other times they go for a spin in the dryer.  They are low maintenance, easy to clean, and after two weeks of daily washing and drying and the liners and covers still look great.

The cover fits Jacob (25lbs) wonderfully, and doesn't leak no matter what activities he does during the day (climbing the gate, jumping off the sofa, you know, boy things...) I tried the large on Chris (32lbs) and it was a bit snug and left little red marks on his thighs, he is above the recommended weight so that was expected.  The medium covers fit Dominic perfect, snug around the legs and back so none of his newborn explosions have escaped.  He is a little pudgy in the thighs but there is still plenty of room to grow.  The only complaint is the elastic around the tabs curls out a little, it's entirely cosmetic, it does not interfere with fit at all, but I find myself trying to smooth it out. 

Overall I am very happy with my purchase from Baby Oz Clothing and so are my boy's bottoms, which is what really matters.

Check out Baby Oz Clothing on Etsy.
They have a nice selection of not only diaper covers, but sleep sacks, awesome wood toys and more.
I am completely in love with the grasshopper.

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