Cloth. Potty Learning Edition.

Lets say you have one of these...

(Who may or may not be covered in marker)
You would like him to do this...
So you put him in these:
but then you end up with this:
So you give him these:

Which cost $0.30 each.
What do you end up with? 
A toddler who thinks he can just pee because he is in a diaper, so he does.
Then he is surprised by the discomfort the 'feel wet strip' causes.
Now he NEEDS to be changed NOW!
Which makes it so we are going through twice as many easy-ups then we were diapers.
You just end up with a disappointed little boy
who feels like he is still in diapers, like a baby.
We find ourselves using 10 easy-ups a day and 2 pampers overnight.
For a total of $3.60 per day.
And we are making no progress on the potty.
[insert sad Mommy image here]

Lets try another way.
Not waterproof so there is still a potential of a mess.
Once the absorbancy of the liner, undies and pants combine, it is fairly minimized.
You could always add a waterproof cover.
That is better.
Now Jacob feels like a big boy and Mommy isn't chasing him with a towel.
He tinkles a little, knows he is wet, so he runs to the potty and finishes there.
Lets say he continues to do 10 changes like he did with the easy-ups
(which isn't the case because a small tinkle gets wicked away from the skin and absorbed in the liner)
But lets just assume 10.
10 liners.
Cost approximately $20 on etsy.
less for micro-fleece, more for hemp or bamboo
And the cover? $8 on etsy.
What about those two night time pampers?
Solution: one cloth diaper.
Stuffed with some liners
I chose a pocket so it can dry in one day to be used that night.
One Thirsties Pocket diaper, used off diaperswappers $7 shipped.
(New $17)

For the cost of ONE WEEK worth of easy ups and pampers
I have enough cloth to last one day worth of coverage on my 2 year old.
I never have to buy diapers or training pants again.

What about laundry? Yes, I have to do a load of laundry everyday.
I have to do at least one load a day anyway to prevent this:
  The additional daily cloth for one child will take up about the same space as one pair of adult jeans.
So I washed my way through 2 weeks of 10 liners and 1 pocket diaper.
Lots of wash. Lots of potty progress.
More than enough money saved to purchase a couple more liners and another pocket diaper.
Am I saving money. Yes.
Especially when I have one of these:
Who will happily poop in his brothers hand-me-downs.

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