Going Cruchy

There are so many things I didn't even think about before kids.  I didn't know what was in my food or what I was washing with or slathering under my pits because it didn't matter. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I noticed some white residue in little Dominic's hair that I realized how much time he spends in contact with my arm pits.  I am worried about the soaps I use on the kids, the detergents I wash their stuff in, the cleaners I expose them to... and now that my clinical strength antiperspirant is on my newborns head I started wondering what was in it.  So off to Google I went. I found some of the ingredients in my antiperspirant were linked to breast cancer.  So I started wondering, we do so much skin to skin time, what is on my skin?

Back to Google.

I found that my everyday soaps, shampoos and cleaners might be to blame for my dry cracked skin and Dominic's recurring rash.

So I quit. Cold turkey, one week with no soaps, shampoos, deodorant, lotions, lip balms. It's not like I get out of the house much anyway.  I still took a shower every other day, just with a wash cloth and hot water.  I immediately noticed Dominic's skin clearing up.  My husband on the fifth day informed me that I looked beautiful and healthy (he didn't even know about my little experiment).  I felt great, my face was less dry and almost glowed, no dry cracked skin, no itchy scalp, not one ingrown hair in my pits, and the blocked duct in my under arm area cleared up on it's own. I did notice some pit stank, which I would need a solution for when I go out, we don't want to offend the masses.

There are plenty of natural homemade deodorant recipes out there like this one.  I am busy lazy so I went over to the deodorant aisle on my shopping trip and poured over every container, looking for a deodorant without antiperspirants, aluminum, and all that other junk. The only solution, Toms Of Maine. It's an unscented natural deodorant with no antiperspirants, just what I wanted.  I want to keep sweating, I just don't want to smell bad. I am sure I will eventually make my own, Toms cost less than the evil stuff I was using and cheaper than going out and picking up what I need to make my own.

Deodorant acquired, now I feel all sorts of green and thrifty but still a little crunchier than I prefer, so now I needed soap.

I really miss lathering up and smelling like flowers when I get out of the shower and shaving dry wasn't really working.  I needed a natural soap that smelled good and lathered nice but doesn't dry out my skin.  So off to etsy I went, if I am only soaping up twice a week instead of everyday I might as well snag a nice handmade soap. I am sure long term it will cost less than my body wash because bars last longer and I am washing less often. I found Tiki Bar Soap, they were running a 'Try our soaps for free' special so I tried and I couldn't be happier. I was so happy with my soap I made my own little mesh soap keeper so it can stay dry between uses.

The other thing missing from my routine, shampoo.  I researched how to go "No Poo" and determined through the trails of Jenny at Conscientious Confusion that the traditional no poo methods don't work well with color treated hair. I am not willing to give up my pretty shade of ginger, so I need to try something else. I already swapped my conditioner for an apple cider vinegar rinse, but I want to continue washing my hair once a week with shampoo.  Next time I order from TikiBar I will try their shampoo bar, I already know I love their soap, their philosophy and their ingredients, so I'd love to try their other products.

Next I get to experiment with solutions to the green washed soaps my boys use. That will be fun!  What do you use on your little one?  Have you ever wondered what was in it?

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