Mommy & Me Monday -2-

C is for CAR!

This week my boys and I are working on letter sounds, we practice the sounds then go for a hunt for anything they can find that starts with that sound, Jacob just likes to bring me every stuffed animal he can find, which worked well for D because he has plenty of Dolphins and Dogs.  Christopher just likes helping me draw pictures of all the treasures they find, of course his way of helping is by telling me to add more detail.

"Draw Car on a road, Mommy, a black road, Mommy, make car blue, no Mommy, draw this car..."

I love his input and creativity, but my artistic skills are pretty limited.
Here is a MSPaint example of my best work...


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  1. I think you did a great job!

    (I've got the linky up and working..so next week should be better. Sorry about that!)