Mommy & Me Monday

Happy Moomy Mommy & Me Monday.
This is me, with my two little ones, Dominic & Jacob.  These two are already on their way to being best friends.  Jacob loves talking to his "Dombinmic" and Dominic loves to listen.  He always smiles at Jacob, especially when he is supposed to be eating. When I ask Jacob to get a blanket for Dominic he runs to get one, when I ask him to be quiet so Dominic can nap he runs around "SHHHHHHHH! SHHHHH!" It doesn't help but he means well.  He is such a good big brother.

-The Outnumbered Mommy

Hey Mommy - Get out from behind the camera and join the fun!

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  1. So sweet! They always want to help...even if it isn't the most helpful!