I tried to teach them how to use tissues, but there he is *licking* boogers off his upper lip. So I have to ask:

Mommy: Does that taste good?
Boogery kid: No, it gross.
Mommy: Then why don't you use your tissue?
Boogery kid: Too busy, tissue later.
Mommy: Eating boogies is going to give you a belly ache.
Boogery kid: Belly ache? Then I get more cereals?

That is right, Chris looks forward to getting sick so he can eat more cereal, as if he didn't eat enough already.  He even pretends to cough and asks for hot tea.  I try to tell him he doesn't need to be sick and if he wants hot tea and cereal he just has to ask. Maybe one day he will just ask for tea and cereal, but right now I think he is also after the attention. This morning he refused to walk down the stairs and insisted I carry him, because his belly hurt, which resulted in me falling down the last three stairs, he is fine but I may have broken a toe (x-rays tomorrow).

Fancy new fashion accessory?

I think I may be due for a day out with Chris, I always take either Jacob or Dominic out with me because Daddy prefers not having both of the younger ones.  Maybe a trip to the library and the bagel shop is in-order, books and bagels are his favorites.

But all that depends on if my toe is really broken.  It sure feels like it is.

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