Toddler noms: French Toast & Yogurt

At our house breakfast is kind of a big deal.  I like to start the kids off with a nice hearty meal that will keep them full and happy until lunch.  They definitely focus more on our activities when their bellies are stuffed with good food.  There are tricks to getting toddlers to eat good meals, make it easy to eat, make it visually appealing, provide a dip, even though it is messy.

Today we had French toast and yogurt. (finger food with dip!)

Our french toast starts with three yummy eggs right out of our chicken coop.  Then I add a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, a healthy splash of orange juice (or just squeeze an orange right in there) and a little bit of cinnamon.  Give the mix a good whisking until the ingredients are well combined.  Take your bread (there will be enough egg mixture for 4 slices) and soak it for a couple seconds on each side, then place on a lightly buttered griddle.  Cook on medium heat until golden brown and cooked through.

Take each slice and cut into strips and arrange on a plate with a cup of yogurt to dip in.  (We used Stonyfield Organic Banilla yogurt, the kids favorite) Serve. Now watch the wholesome goodness disappear.

You may notice the cloth napkins in action here, that was one of our green changes this month, no more paper napkins!  I picked them up cheap after Christmas, they wash nice and clean up sticky fingers without getting paper bits stuck to little fingers. We just keep them rolled up in the napkin holder. Simple step to being a little greener in the Outnumbered household.

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