Adventures in... wool!

Check out that Wooly Tush!

I love reading other blogs and looking up reviews for products I am interested in, so when I stumble on a giveaway, I go for it.  So when I won this wool wash from Northern Essence I was ecstatic.  I immediately headed over to the Northern Essence website and picked out my scent, which took forever because there are so many options. I eventually picked Honey Almond.  I was so surprised when it showed up at my door three days later, talk about fast shipping! In my experience that never happens on a giveaway, imagine how they treat their paying customers!

I opened it up and was immediately impressed by the scent, it smelled so wonderful.

Then it hit me.

I don't have any wool to wash.

I want to try wool, because I have wool wash.
I can't afford to spend $50 for wool covers on etsy.
So I guess that means only one solution, Do It Yourself.

I don't actually know how to crochet or knit.  The extent of my crochet knowledge is how to chain, yarn over and do a somewhat consistent row of single or half-double stitches (thanks you-tube).  I have never read a pattern, and I can't count (I have an advanced case of Mommy Brain).  So what does a crafty Mommy do? Buy wool anyway and just wing it.

Every time I nursed Dominic I worked on my project, until Sunday morning when I had a pretty little cover to wash in my wool wash.  The wash smelled great and was so gentile, I have zero experience in wool, but I know my hands sure enjoyed it. I followed the directions and set my cover to dry, I kept checking it all day and night, anxious to put it on the little bum.

Finally I got my wool on my little bum and I am impressed.  First of all his bum smells so sweet, and it's dry.  I am already working on another cover, I am so thankful to Sisters 'n Cloth and Northern Essence for sending me in this direction.  I love the wool wash and I can't wait to try their other wool care supplies!  Wool. My new Addiction! Now I just need some fitteds. Any recommendations?

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