Become.com Adventures in Informed Shopping

I'm a Mom, a busy one. So when it comes to shopping, I just don't have time to research the best products and prices.  This is where Become.com comes in.  They offer everything you need to get the best deal; buying guides, comparison shopping service, product reviews, articles, forums, and other useful shopping information. Become is the only fully integrated Web-wide product search and comparison shopping site on the Internet.

Become.com is fast and easy to use - great for Super Mom's who don't have time between refilling sippy cups and fingerprinting.  Become.com helps you make an informed purchase at the best price without the hours of research. What exactly do they offer you ask, here are some of my favorite features:

Relevant search results - no spam!

Focus on what you want  - choose the button that displays the results you want; all results, product reviews, buying guides, discussion forums, or product details.

What’s in the AIR™? AIR (Affinity Index Ranking) filters out the thousands of irrelevant results that other sites produce no more useless clicking through irrelevant pages.

‘No surprises’ price feature - Become gives you the total price including shipping and taxes, so you know the lowest price is really going to be the lowest price.  

What exactly do they have? On Become.com, you are sure to find what you are looking for - they have everything from circular saws with dust collection and clarks artisan black woven leather slides to console cup holders and jogging strollers.

 Post brought to you by your friends at Blogsvertise & Become.com but I really do think it is pretty awesome.

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