A Disgruntled Letter to Gerber

Dear Gerber,

I cloth diaper my boys, ages 3 mo & 2 years.  I used Gerber prefolds for my older son and they worked great.  With my younger boy I picked up a new package of the same prefolds I was using before.  After many washings I have noticed that the new ones never developed a fraction of the absorbancy the old ones provided.  I was very disappointed when I cut one open to wads of some sort of filler instead of layers of birdseye cotton.  These are marketed as diapers, yet the new design makes them useless as diapers. I spent my money on diapers, I don't need a 12 pack of overpriced burp cloths, because that is all these are good for.  I feel like you owe me some absorbent diapers and some onesies to replace the ones that were ruined by your inferior product. If you are not making cloth diapers anymore because 90% of Americans use disposables, you could be courteous to the 10% who use cloth diapers and not label your burp cloths as diapers.

Thanks so much for the Pooplosions.

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