Mommy & Me Monday -3-

Once again we went an entire weekend without me remembering to hand the camera to my husband, so here is another Monday morning self portrait with the first kid I could pin down long enough.  Jacob, my cheesy little guy.  He is such a little ham, I pull out the camera and he just keeps putting himself in the frame.


I think Jacob will always be my little guy even though he is the middle child.  He is helpful and sweet and loves to be carried and cuddled.  He likes to be the baby and even after the arrival of little Dominic he still manages to be my little snuggly baby.  He frequently falls asleep with his head on my boppy while I am nursing his brother.  It also helps that he is two years old and 22 pounds, he wears 18 month sleepers and 2t clothes fall off him, literally, so he is the little guy in the physical aspect.  My little 10th percentile bundle of cute.  Wish I could keep him little forever.

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