Mommy & Me Monday -4-

My little bundle Dominic, all wrapped up in his heaviest fuzzy reindeer outfit, a Peanut Shell sling and Mommy's coat.  We were all toasty warm on a cold day.  His brothers were having a great time at the park while we just snuggled to keep warm. 

It was a good day. 

Too bad Chris had a complete meltdown when it was time to go.  Can't wait until Spring so we can spend more time outside and less time demolishing my house.

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  1. It sure has been a cold weather. Same thing here. My little man only has a short time to go outside and play. Visiting via MMM!

    Adin B

  2. that is a precious picture!! so sweet! it has been cold out for the past few days. what a perfect way to bundle him!