My 3 year old is smarter than me

And he knows it.  Today he decided to test me, he does this frequently, so I wasn't surprised when he held up a matchbox car with a sly grin that makes me completely aware that he knows the answer and is testing me.

Chris: "Mommy, what is this car?"

Mommy: "It's a Volkswagen Beetle."
Chris: "No, Mommy."
He goes off to rummage through his car collection and comes back with these:

Chris: "This Beetle, this Volkswagen"

Mommy: "Ok, if you are so smart, what is this?"

Chris: "That a Gurl bug car."
Mommy: "Alright what's this?"

Chris: "That a thing."
 Outsmarted by a three year old, it happens so often I'm not surprised anymore.

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