Valentines Craft - Felt Roses

So if you want to show off your craftiness on a budget, try out this fun craft.  
This would make a great Valentine for Mommy or Grandma.
This one isn't very kid friendly in my house, 
but if your kids are old enough to use scissors they can do this.

All you need to make a dozen roses is two sheets of red eco-felt, 
a package of green pipe cleaners, scissors and glue.  

Cut each sheet of felt into 6 squares and round the corners.
Now you have 12 felt (almost) circles. 
Take each piece and cut a spiral, about 1/2 wide to the center. 
 Don't be too neat, imperfections add dimension. 
Clip off the little pointy end, Just because it makes the next step easier.

Then take each felt strip and roll it up from the outside to the middle and fold under the center part. 
As you roll it let it get a little more loose on the last couple rounds.

Now to hold together all of your pretty roses, just flip them over and glue the underside.
I used hot glue, but white school glue or tacky glue would work fine if you are doing this with kids.

Now the stems, twist a 1" diameter circle into the end, then fold it in half creating a figure eight, twist once or twice to secure.  Glue around the figure 8 shape and press onto the bottom of the rose. 

Once dry assemble your flowers into a bouquet and give to your Valentine.

Cost: under $2 for the supplies. Win!

If you think this craft is too lengthy to try...
It took me just under an hour, to make a dozen roses, 
While nursing a baby, supervising crazy toddlers and taking pictures.
 Just sayin.

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  1. This is so cute! I'm not good at crafty things but I think I could manage this.. Hopefully. Thanks for sharing:)