Movies with Toddlers

Going to see a movie with these three monsters sounds terrifying doesn't it?

It wasn't!  Yesterday we went to see The Lorax with the boys and it was so much fun!  We packed up our van and headed to the Drive-in.  We went to the drive-in to see WALL-E when Chris was three months and he pretty much slept the entire time.  This time having toddlers we weren't sure what was going to happen.  It turned out perfect.

Admission was $18 ($9 per adult and kids 3 & under are free) and we spent $10 on popcorn and drinks.  The admission pays for a double feature, we only stayed for one because the drive-in is a two hour drive for us.  We parked our Minivan with the tailgate to the screen and we all sat in the hatch among the pillows and blankets.  Chris happily sat and watched the entire movie, Jacob got a little antsy but it was nothing a Daddy hug couldn't take care of.  Dominic either nursed, sat on Chris's lap or slept on my chest.  We loved the movie, the atmosphere was great and the kids had a great time.

A family movie night that is toddler friendly is hard to find, the drive-in theater delivered.  The drive-in we went to is the Delsea Drive-in, in Vineland.  The Delsea is the only drive-in theater in New Jersey.  Sadly the number of Drive-in theaters has been on the decline because of the cost of getting the movies from the studios.  The only thing that keeps theaters like this open is the concession stand, so make sure to stop in and pick up some popcorn to help keep it going.  For a $28 family night out we had a great time, saw a great movie and managed to survive, so even if you are outnumbered, this is a fantastic outing.


Is it March?

75 degrees and sunny, in March.  It's a little crazy but definitely awesome.  After such a mild winter I am not very surprised that spring came extra early.  I have been taking the kids out in the yard as often as possible.  It's just too nice to stay inside!

I have been working on some sewing projects lately, I made Dominic a car seat cover because it was cold and windy and keeping a receiving blanket over him was difficult.  It figures that it would warm up the day after I finished it.


When the boys are sick..

When the boys are sick...
...they all are sick at the same time.
...they will only sleep on someone.
...tylenol will be recalled and generics will be out of stock.
...they will forget about being potty trained.
...they will refuse to eat everything.
...they will blow their noses on your shirt.
...there will be poop and it will be evil.
...they will cough and sneeze without covering their mouth.
...they will refuse pedialite (honestly can you blame them?)
...they will feel better, the same day you get sick.

...all while the Daddy is completely useless on the couch.
 Don't worry I'll be back to daily posts when we are all feeling better!