Wool Dryer Balls, DIY.

I know as a cloth diapering mommy that fabric softeners are bad, which leaves me with a Husband complaining about static.  I determined the solution would be wool dryer balls.  Wool dryer balls help cut drying time and eliminate static, but it isn't easy justifying the purchase of a $10 ball of wool to Daddy, especially when I was proposing the purchase of four or five of them.

So I decided to attempt to make them, I have wool.

I started with a skein of 100% wool yarn and a couple wool scraps
from some longies I made last week. 

Roll up some scraps and tie it up like a little gift
(then try to convince the peanut gallery it isn't a gift and it is not Nana's birthday)

Then roll that yarn into a ball
(infant assistance is not recommended)

 Once you get to a reasonable size (or run out of extra yarn)
loop the yarn around your thumb and tie a knot

Take the tail and turn 90 degrees and repeat, 
so you have 2 loops knotted, think gift wrap.
 Now the only thing that is going to hold this baby together

Get your water nice and hot and get the ball saturated.
Take the ball out of the hot water and turn the water to cold
Squeeze some of the hot water out and once the tap runs super cold 
get the ball saturated again, roll it around, massage the fibers, 
let the wool get nice and fuzzy.
 I added some wool wash to my felting procedure, 
It smells so yummy and makes my dryer smell delicious and makes me hungry
(maybe picking the honey almond smell was a bad idea)

 Fuzzy is good!
Ready to bounce!

Ready to do this DIY?

Learn from my experience:
It costs about $5 per ball in wool yarn, so unless you have scraps, it may actually be more cost effective to buy them. 
Blisters may have been involved. 
It took about 40 minutes each ball, and mine are still fairly small. 
It is not fun at all when one unravels in the dryer.
They do work well, so if you have some wool, time and patience to spare, give it a go!

Do you have wool dryer balls? Where did you purchase them?

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  1. Cool! I'm going to make some only I've got raw wool fiber. Some purchased by my MIL and some from our Angora Wool Rabbit we used to have. :) I'd better get to work!
    Jessie at JessieGunderson.com