Deep Breath

For a couple seconds I was completely terrified.

I saw the car.

I realized he didn't see me.

I had three choices and no time to weigh the options.

Left, right, straight.
We were traveling at 50mph,
Directly in front of us was the side of his car,
To the left was double yellow lines, no oncoming traffic,
To the right, soft dirt shoulder, trees, utility poles.

I went left, his car hit my passenger side door, a glancing blow but the explosion of glass scared the hell out of me.  My Jacob.  I moved so fast, next thing I knew I was in the back seat with him, checking every inch of him, he was terrified, silent, and completely untouched. I could see outside past him through the space where the door was.  It looked bad. But he was ok.

I took a deep breath, we were all ok.  Not a scratch. Well maybe a couple scratches, but nothing worse than what Dominic can inflict with his terrible claws.

We have so much to be thankful for.

Like the ability to go right back to being silly after getting stripped out of their glass covered clothes.

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  1. OH MY.. Im glad you are all ok Theresa!