DIY Diaper Covers

While I was wrapping Jacob's unwilling bum in a receiving blanket with a OR towel stuffed in it I was proud of how thrifty I was, until I reached over and grabbed my $17 Kissa's Marvels cover.

Yeah, sure I did get it used, but still, what if I didn't have that cover?

Could I make my own?

Could I make my own out of stuff I already have?

After a bit of research I found the Katrina Soaker Pattern, it's free, it's printable and it is highly recommended. I do not own a sewing machine, but when I mentioned to my family that I wanted to do some sewing I managed to have three sewing machines dropped off at my house.  A good used machine can be acquired on Craigslist for under $50 if you can't borrow one.  It could be worth the cost if you really make it work for you. I made 10 fleece covers in one day with what I had on hand, I think my machine earned her keep today.

I printed out the pattern, taped it together and traced it onto a larger, 
tougher paper, so I can reuse it a million times.

Wait. Is that sponge bob?

Then I searched my house for old, worn, pilly fleece blankets, sweaters and scraps.  
I laid out all of my fleece and keeping in mind the direction of the stretch,
 I cut out as many pieces as I could out of what I had.  
I tried to make a matching small and medium...
 because it makes me all warm & fuzzy inside when my boys match. 

First thing I did was sew in a fleece doubler, I just used a zig-zag stitch all the way around.

Then I folded the diaper with wrong side out and just did a straight stitch up the sides.

Take the waist and leg pieces and fold the nice side in and straight stitch into a loop.  I didn't measure a seam allowance, I just used the edge of the presser foot.

Now fold the wrong side in and match up the outside edges.

With the diaper still inside out, tuck the leg band in and line up all of the raw edges together.  The leg band will be smaller than the leg opening, so you will need to stretch it as you sew.

Now do the same with the waist band.

 Now turn it all right side out and you have a nice new soaker!

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  1. Would this be used on the outside with a fitted diaper inside or on the inside with a cover over it?